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Support Me

Hi, Shaun here, and thanks  for checking out my Support Me page.

Hopefully you’re here because I’ve helped you somewhere or somehow to travel better, e.g. Trip Advisor, Quora , Eat Drink Stay Dubai , Rockstar Travel Tips

Whilst I do what I do freely and to help, and payment is in no way expected – it certainly helps to cover time, research, expenses, work, bills, meals, beer etc.

If I have helped you, or if you just feel like being charitable, may I be so bold as to kindly ask you to ‘pay it forward’ by helping me in one (or more) of the following ways?

Thanks in advance 👏

PS. These are in no particular order. Even doing one would be sincerely appreciated, but feel free to do as many as you wish!

TLDR; The easiest, simplest and best way is a quick cash donation/tip/bribe here 👉 Tip Jar

1. Buy me a coffee on Ko-fi

Cash is king, so please feel free to donate using Ko-fi (or just click the red button below)

Has EDSD helped you?

If so, please consider 'buying a coffee’ to help support the site ⤵️

To Donate 🎁

  1. Look for the section where it says “Buy a Coffee for Eat Drink Stay Dubai”.
  2. Either select how many coffees you’d like to buy, or select your own amount to tip.
  3. Leave a message (only if you wish of course!)
  4. Press the red ’Tip’ button.
  5. That’s it! Thank you!.

Click Here 👉 Buy Me a Coffee

2. Give me a tip!

If you can spare a few quid, dirhams, dollars or whatever – I’ll gratefully receive it here 👉 Tip Jar

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